Sugeng Rahardjo (President Director & Chief Executive Officer)

PT. LAPI ITB is committed to utilize the most up-to-date science, technology and art in conducting its business activity. By empowering the capacity owned by ITB, PT. LAPI ITB always endeavors to provide the best service and develop innovations in delivering solution for the issues encountered by the customers. PT. LAPI ITB is also committed to participate actively in fostering an ethical, professional and modern business community in Indonesia by supporting academic activities in ITB and organizing corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities for ITB students and the community in Indonesia.

Leksananto (Director & Chief Finance Officer)

PT. LAPI ITB, as an ITB-owned enterprise, has become a forum for ITB experts to develop and apply their competences in the professional world. In accordance with the characteristic of human resources that it has, in conducting its business activity, PT. LAPI ITB holds scientific values and business ethics in high esteem.