Basauli Umar Lubis (Commissioner)

"PT LAPI ITB will be developed into a forum especially for Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) lecturers to create real works. In the future, PT LAPI ITB required to create synergies between faculties between lecturers so that superior work can be produced in serving the nation and state of Indonesia. With the existing potential, PT LAPI ITB must be able to produce and prove that its services are the best and foremost. PT LAPI ITB must follow developments and changes and participate in proposing ideas for activities deemed necessary for the progress of the nation."

Yusmar Anggadinata (President Director)

"PT LAPI ITB was formed in order to support the service activities of ITB institutions to the wider community and will continue to maintain an active role in fostering an ethical, professional and modern business community, as well as running a business using the principles of good corporate governance.

PT LAPI ITB committed to providing services and being the best solution provider, by implementing innovations resulting from the collaboration of experts in science, technology and art.

PT LAPI ITB also committed to keep the development a culture of learning and innovation to improve competitiveness and also to meet international competency demands."

Leksananto (Director)

"PT LAPI ITB as an ITB-owned business entity, becomes a forum for ITB experts to develop and apply their competences in the professional world. In accordance with the characteristics of its human resources, in carrying out its business activities, PT LAPI ITB upholds scientific and ethical values business."