The development of globalization has induced the need for universities that capable to develop independent and democratic society to compete internationally. Through the Government Regulation Nr. 155/2000, ITB was legalized to be Badan Hukum Milik Negara (BHMN) or State Owned Legal Entity. Being so, ITB has greater autonomy to regulate itself complemented with greater responsibility to improve its competitiveness in the more global world.

To support its function, ITB established 3 (three) main units, that act as its growth machines, namely: Satuan Akademik (SAk) or the Academic Unit, Satuan Kekayaan dan Dana (SKD) or the Property and Fund Unit and Satuan Usaha Komersial (SUK) or the Commercial Business Unit. These units bear the function of supporting ITB to achieve academic excellence. Within this framework, SUK formed several Unit Usaha Komersial (UUK) or Commercial Units incorporated as Perseroan Terbatas (PT) or Limited Liabilities companies.

PT. LAPI ITB is one of the Commercial Units (UUK) providing services in training, consultancy and appropriate technology development. PT. LAPI ITB assures its high quality of works, with full support by ITB.